The roots of the UNISTAV joint-stock company date back to 1990, when it was founded by several entrepreneurs from the sphere of construction. The company’s development strategy has been built from the outset so that key shareholders are both personally and professionally involved in the company. Another decision from the time of the company’s establishment was that all profits were reinvested by the company in its further development.

Principal directions and objectives of the UNISTAV CONSTRUCTION company

Teamwork – The organization of the company is based on an open and flexible system of departmental organization – a concept based on objectives where the emphasis is on cooperation, cooperation and awareness. It is necessary not only to work but also to cooperate. Personal interests must not outweigh the interests of the whole.

People in the company – everything is in people. The success of an enterprise is increasingly dependent on people rather than on its formal organizational structure. We support people who work with great personal commitment and commitment, people who use heart and mind at work. This is related to quality and efficiency of work. That is why we strive to include creative people, tenacious, flexible, optimistic, demanding and self-fulfilling people, dedicated, respectful and friendly and loyal to the company.

Customer orientation – our customer = our partner. We are above all about constantly increasing confidence and building good and long-lasting relationships with our customers. The two-stage organizational model of the company ensures and tracks the easy communication of all employees with our clients.

Quality – “UNISTAV CONSTRUCTION company is a reliable supplier of your buildings”. This company password is constantly being applied by all company employees. Everything is based on a continuous process of improvement, speed, solidity, long-term security for the customer.

Performance – Another goal is to constantly increase the imaginative performance bar. The initial annual turnover was CZK 30 million, and we currently earn about CZK 1 billion, which also shows that we are succeeding in convincing our customers about our strengths.


  • We build solidity, focus on the future, and perfect customer service.
  • The foundation is trust in cooperation, trust and respect for people, teamwork.
  • We look for good relationships between people and the culture of people in the enterprise.

It can be said that we can not only build the buildings, but also that every building we have realized should have its “soul”. We are convinced that the building hides not only what we have built and professionally built, but also how we have been thinking about the comfort and satisfaction of its future inhabitants.

Our achievements include thanks and recognition to the entire working team, to all our business partners and to all of our company’s customers